Download vSongBook to Your PC


vSongBook Setup is available for Download which you can install just like any other program and uninstall at will. The setup is just 2 MB Only to download but when installed it occupies 30 MB on your hard disk. For best results it is recommended that you install in Drive D:\ or any other drive if your computer is partitioned. Otherwise you can still install it on Drive C:\ where you have your OS installed but not under Program Files.

vSongBook is available in two versions:



Free Version (Evaluation Copy) – this version can be used for 14 days after which it will terminate. To continue using vSongBook on your Computer you will have to install this version afresh or buy the premium one.



Premium Version – this version can be obtained by paying 15 USD ($) or Kshs. 1500 to the developer via any of the options below after which you may contact him for the download link.

MPESA to +254711474787

AIRTELMONEY to +254731973108


Or just Email:

or Whatsapp: +254711474787

for Bank Account Details:



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