Quote of the Day

To the bride of Christ, this little app will fetch a Quote of the Day for you from the Branham.org website daily and save them on your phone for offline reading. This app needs internet once in a day to be able to fetch quotes and save on your phone.

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  1. Share a Quote
  2. Supports 4 languages: English, French, Portuguese and Spanish
  3. Clear Quotes
  4. Set a Date for fetching Quotes.
  5. Set an Alarm for fetching Quotes

You can clear quotes and reload them afresh but only if you have reset the date from the settings option on the app.

With the help of a alarm which you can customize the app can remind you to either check for the Quote of the Day for that particular day or even fetch the Quote of the Day if your device is having an active internet connection at that time.

The app has four main language English, French, Spanish and Portuguese as is the case with the Branham.org site. You can switch between this languages easily and smoothly without having to install the app afresh.

God bless you as you use it!




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