vSongBook (Virtual SongBook)

Turn your phone into a Virtual songbook with vSongBook App. Most of the songs are sung by the believers in East Africa.Some of the Features in the applications are.

  1. 750 Songs of Worship.
  2. 215 Nyimbo za Injili.
  3. 1083 Believers Songs.
  4. 383 Nyimbo za Wokovu.
  5. 762 Redemption Songs.
  6. 138 Tenzi Za Rohoni
  7. 603 Nyimbo cia Kuinira Ngai.
  8. Share songs.
  9. Notepad for saving your own Songs.
  10. Favourite songs



1. Real Time Searching
– lets you search for songs by their number when you write the number and place # like this for instance if you want “Mbele Ninaendelea” which is Number 56 on Nyimbo za Injili. Simply type “56” followed by hash immediately without space i.e “56#”.

2. Favouriting Songs
– this feature will help you put aside some songs that you would like to view quickly maybe for creating a custom list. This can help song leaders to create something like a song leader dashboard on their devices for the purpose of finding the songs quickly.

3. NotePad
– this feature allows the user to write their own songs on their device with easy and even share the song with other apps. With this feature you can save songs from internet sources or even from whatsapp on your phone quickly.

More songs will added soon if you can provide me with a soft copy of the songs you want included on the app.




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