vSongBook4PC – vSongBook on Your PC

Finally vSongBook is available for your Personal Computer (PC) for free but only for 32 bit Machines only.vsbdesktop


  1. Change of font size
  2. Change of font type
  3. Supports touchscreens
  4. Supports multiple songbooks at ago
  5. Search songs by title, words or numbers
  6. Projection Mode with many exciting features
  7. Edit Songs
  8. Add More Songs
  9. Supports both English and Swahili Language

All features are real time as see the effect at once.vsongbook1


This is the Screen that appears first immediately after the splash screen. It has a number of features:

  • Drop down on the left top to switching between songbooks
  • Real Time Search box
  • Song Preview Pane
  • Quick Toolbar at the bottom with buttons to open Projection page, New Song page, Edit Song page, Settings page, Information page and lastly Help desk page



Is mainly operated like a PowerPoint Screen and has features like:

  • Decrease Font Size using Minus (-) key or Left arrow key
  • Increase Font Size using Add (+) key or Right arrow key
  • Move to Previous song Stanza using Down Arrow
  • Move to Next song Stanza using Up Arrow
  • Move to First song Stanza using Page Up Key or Home Key
  • Move to Last song Stanza using Page Down Key or End Key
  • Change Projection Theme i.e Black, White, Blue, Green, Orange using the Z Key or X Key
  • Change Projection Font Type using the C Key or V Key
  • Initiate Auto Scroll using Space key. i.e not reliable



Here you are either Adding a new song or editing a song based on the songbook showing in the drop down on the left top of the window.




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