mBible – The Bible on your Palms


After suffering at the mercy of many apps on Android and Windows that are providing the content from the Holy Bible, I felt something was needed to be done urgently for the smartphone sector. I was taken into task by many of my clients and fans into developing an app that will carry a  number of features such as:

  • Bible in native language
  • Smooth searching capability
  • Copying and sharing multiple verses at ago
  • No adverts
  • More customization

These among many others  lead me into developing mBible or the Master Bible. To kick me off I started with English Version of the Bible and more specifically King James Version. The app is now available on both Android (Playstore) and Windows Phone (Windows Store).

playstorewindows_storeThe main features of this app are like:

  1. Searching Books per testament
  2. Searching for verses in the whole Bible
  3. Multiple selection of verses for copying or sharing
  4. Adjusting Font size



mBible (Master Bible)

The Master Bible is an upcoming Bible App that will incorporate bibles in many languages with features like searching, Favouriting, Bookmarking etc



  1. Search for Bible Books easily
  2. Open a Bible Verse quickly
  3. Navigate between Book Chapters

Download vSongBook to Your PC


vSongBook Setup is available for Download which you can install just like any other program and uninstall at will. The setup is just 2 MB Only to download but when installed it occupies 30 MB on your hard disk. For best results it is recommended that you install in Drive D:\ or any other drive if your computer is partitioned. Otherwise you can still install it on Drive C:\ where you have your OS installed but not under Program Files.

vSongBook is available in two versions:



Free Version (Evaluation Copy) – this version can be used for 14 days after which it will terminate. To continue using vSongBook on your Computer you will have to install this version afresh or buy the premium one.



Premium Version – this version can be obtained by paying 15 USD ($) or Kshs. 1500 to the developer via any of the options below after which you may contact him for the download link.

MPESA to +254711474787

AIRTELMONEY to +254731973108

PAYPAL to smataweb@gmail.com

Or just Email: smataweb@gmail.com

or Whatsapp: +254711474787

for Bank Account Details:


vSongBook4PC – vSongBook on Your PC

Finally vSongBook is available for your Personal Computer (PC) for free but only for 32 bit Machines only.vsbdesktop


  1. Change of font size
  2. Change of font type
  3. Supports touchscreens
  4. Supports multiple songbooks at ago
  5. Search songs by title, words or numbers
  6. Projection Mode with many exciting features
  7. Edit Songs
  8. Add More Songs
  9. Supports both English and Swahili Language

All features are real time as see the effect at once.vsongbook1


This is the Screen that appears first immediately after the splash screen. It has a number of features:

  • Drop down on the left top to switching between songbooks
  • Real Time Search box
  • Song Preview Pane
  • Quick Toolbar at the bottom with buttons to open Projection page, New Song page, Edit Song page, Settings page, Information page and lastly Help desk page



Is mainly operated like a PowerPoint Screen and has features like:

  • Decrease Font Size using Minus (-) key or Left arrow key
  • Increase Font Size using Add (+) key or Right arrow key
  • Move to Previous song Stanza using Down Arrow
  • Move to Next song Stanza using Up Arrow
  • Move to First song Stanza using Page Up Key or Home Key
  • Move to Last song Stanza using Page Down Key or End Key
  • Change Projection Theme i.e Black, White, Blue, Green, Orange using the Z Key or X Key
  • Change Projection Font Type using the C Key or V Key
  • Initiate Auto Scroll using Space key. i.e not reliable



Here you are either Adding a new song or editing a song based on the songbook showing in the drop down on the left top of the window.



The Spoken Word

The Spoken Word is a comprehensive collection of the sermons of Rev. William Marrion Branham, the prophet of Malachi 4:5. This app is to be used while wait for Voice of God Recordings to release a Windows Phone Version only (If they will).



  • All the sermons by Rev. William Marrion Branham
  • Search all quotes by titles, codes or words
  • Bookmark where you have reached in reading
  • Jump to specific paragraph
  • Saves what you search
  • Saves more bookmarks

Search, Bookmark or Jump to whatever with this app. This is not the official app from VOG. It is to be used in place of The Table if it will ever be produced. All efforts have been put to ensure the message is brought to you as exact as it is in other apps or program. If you encounter an error do not hesitate to mail me on jacksiro@outlook.com. God bless you use this


SermonPad (Sermon Notepad)

To the Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ whenever in a church service you always want to save what you hear quickly for future reference. SermonPad is a quick way to do so since you can save the sermon details like the preacher, place, title, date and off course the content. This little application does not show the annoying adverts that show on most free apps. You can even paste Bible Scriptures, Quotes of our Prophet Brother William Marrion Branham. A windows Phone version is still in the kitchen




  1. Saving details like: Title, Date, Preacher, Place;
  2. Editting and deleting of the saved notes;
  3. Sharing the saved notes
  4. Sort list as you want
  5. Has a Trash bin for saving notes you have deleted

Quote of the Day

To the bride of Christ, this little app will fetch a Quote of the Day for you from the Branham.org website daily and save them on your phone for offline reading. This app needs internet once in a day to be able to fetch quotes and save on your phone.

playstorewindows_store amazon-app-store

  1. Share a Quote
  2. Supports 4 languages: English, French, Portuguese and Spanish
  3. Clear Quotes
  4. Set a Date for fetching Quotes.
  5. Set an Alarm for fetching Quotes

You can clear quotes and reload them afresh but only if you have reset the date from the settings option on the app.

With the help of a alarm which you can customize the app can remind you to either check for the Quote of the Day for that particular day or even fetch the Quote of the Day if your device is having an active internet connection at that time.

The app has four main language English, French, Spanish and Portuguese as is the case with the Branham.org site. You can switch between this languages easily and smoothly without having to install the app afresh.

God bless you as you use it!




vSongBook (Virtual SongBook)

Turn your phone into a Virtual songbook with vSongBook App. Most of the songs are sung by the believers in East Africa.Some of the Features in the applications are.

  1. 750 Songs of Worship.
  2. 215 Nyimbo za Injili.
  3. 1083 Believers Songs.
  4. 383 Nyimbo za Wokovu.
  5. 762 Redemption Songs.
  6. 138 Tenzi Za Rohoni
  7. 603 Nyimbo cia Kuinira Ngai.
  8. Share songs.
  9. Notepad for saving your own Songs.
  10. Favourite songs



1. Real Time Searching
– lets you search for songs by their number when you write the number and place # like this for instance if you want “Mbele Ninaendelea” which is Number 56 on Nyimbo za Injili. Simply type “56” followed by hash immediately without space i.e “56#”.

2. Favouriting Songs
– this feature will help you put aside some songs that you would like to view quickly maybe for creating a custom list. This can help song leaders to create something like a song leader dashboard on their devices for the purpose of finding the songs quickly.

3. NotePad
– this feature allows the user to write their own songs on their device with easy and even share the song with other apps. With this feature you can save songs from internet sources or even from whatsapp on your phone quickly.

More songs will added soon if you can provide me with a soft copy of the songs you want included on the app.