No Birthday Celebration for Me a Programmer

It’s some minutes past 3 am on my smartphone, smart watch and even laptop my three companions that are always by my bedside. Though the laptop is more close to my heart than the rest of them after my road bike parked outside under the staircase.

As a programmer I am never free at any given moment of the day even to take a nap like most of you do. If am not before my laptop staring and fidgeting with some ugly code then am on my smartphone reading some articles or chats by other programmers. Otherwise I would be on the road cycling to the office, to the house or to see a client on my road bike.

Apart from my tasks at work, I have my own tasks which may comprise of my own projects, projects from fellow friends, colleagues at work, or at times referrals. So as I plant my feet on the floor and stand up to go wash my face am wondering what jobs I am to do but rather how many jobs I will be doing on that particular day. This number may increase if one of my clients or my boss for that matter adds me some in the course of the day. 

I have set my alarm to always wake me up at around 3 am so that I can enjoy the quietness of the early morning and the abundance of night bundles which am usually awarded as from midnight to 6 am daily. 3 am is just like 4 hours away from the time I jetted to Dreamland.

It is the 12th of September, a day twenty with years ago I made my first cry as I took my first breath of life into this troublesome world (By the way me being a programmer is a profession of solving problems). So as I turn to plant my feet on the floor am aware it is supposed to be my birthday but thinking about the unaccomplished goals and mission my mind drifts away into the work ahead.


Prior to this day I had googled how to disable getting happy birthday wishes on Facebook. So I had changed the privacy of my birthday to only me on Facebook and Twitter so that I don’t get those good for nothing messages. The only place I was not able to do so was on my Safaricom and Airtel subscriber profiles. Oh how I wish I could prevent them from wishing me HBD. Maybe one of these days I will call the customer care to ask them to disable that on my line.

I just feel I have a lot of unaccomplished goals and hence no need to waste resources celebrating a happy birthday. I had planned that by 2020 I should be a cross platform developer from Windows, Android, Linux, MacOs, Windows Phone, Tizen especially for app vSongBook that I started from my student cubicle.

Many people who pledged to support me especially financially and material wise never kept their words from friends, relatives and even developers. With misleading advises and false promises I have never if I am making progress in getting where I want to be. For instance some said I could make a hacktonsh by having a virtual box to run the Mac os, others said I could buy a second hand Apple machine and still make it to appetite. It is through trial and error that I learnt I could not make apps for Apple devices with out proper funds. I had bought a second hand apple machine and tried to set it up for ios development. I even went ahead and bought an appstore developer account like I had done with Android. I learnt the hard way that I needed more recent apple machine for the job and that my machine was way back behind the requirements.

Right now I have a Lenovo Yoga from a friend that I borrowed to use since my HP 630 broke down and it will take time to fix it. As I stare into it dimly lite screen to proceed with what I was doing just before going to sleep I can see myself not where I wanna be. This is why I have not celebrated a birthday for the past three to four years. As I check my email I start to see new emails from LinkedIn, Oh my God, I forgot to turn off the HBD wishes on LI, though on Facebook its all quite. I know by the time I rush to fix it it will still be too late and the messages of HBD will still come in.

“Thanks but nothing to celebrate it with. Am still behind my goals” is the message I have drafted to reply to all those HBD wishes that will be coming in anyhow.

World Suicide Prevention Day for me

Today being a day for World Suicide Prevention Day last week I just felt I would just be dead last week after a university student I was helping doing a project came back haunting me the panel had sent him back to fix some issues on the system I had developed for him.
Since April he has been my student client an unusual thing.
I had endured his stubborn behaviour but that of last week was overboard.
Well I never got to that point but I just went back and spent a whole till the project was fixed.

Then I emailed him the fixed project hoping he would get along well with. oh how wrong I was he started to text in all my lines and on WhatsApp saying I just made it worse. I blocked him on WhatsApp but he ended up calling me. At first I wanted to ignore the call but I changed and picked up the call. He talked out his “problems”.
All the instructions I had emailed him were not making sense to him. After thinking for a long time I decided to do a tutorial video and send him. He has not gotten back to me since then a clear sign he is okay. In fact I don’t want him contacting me again coz he is just trouble to me.

I have helped many university students in degree and masters level among many people I have helped in the past.
It has never occurred to me that I have helped many people on life and many people are enjoying my services and products yet myself I don’t seem to be making progress as an individual.

So I decided to talk to my big brother about it. Birthday is a normal day to me since I have never seen the reason to celebrate them. Well, what my brother said thereafter made me smile and relax.

Well my birthday is not very far from today but if you happen to know it don’t wish me one. I have some goals pending and I don’t see the reason.

All those who pledged to support me none kept their word to the latter. I am where I am out of God’s love upon me. The best you can do to me is remember me in prayers for God to have his perfect will in my life.

The road is narrow and winding and I need God to keep me in the middle of the way.

Let vSongBook turn your device into a songbook

Shalom! Are you tied of carrying your many songbooks everywhere you go to, from a normal church service, funeral, wedding or even in the office? We now have the constitution, educational content, the Bible and even the Message of the Hour right on our smartphones. So why not the songbooks?

Maybe sometimes you are in the office  yoor and somewhere like in the wilderness and you feel like you want to sing. Worry less my brother my sister. *vSongBook* gives you that freedom of singing anywhere anytime by turning your device into a virtual songbook.

Enjoy songs of worship, nyimbo za injili, redemption songs, tenzi za rohoni, kikuyu, kamba, kalanjin, luhya all at your disposal depending in how your choice at the time of installation.
Install vSongBook today
ongbook and you won’t regret doing it.
vSongBook is now available for your Personal Computer (PC)
For compliments/complaints https://!forum/vsongbook

Was I after a Kamba sister Unconsciously?

About a year ago or more I stumbled upon a Kamba songbook app by some brother. I decided to buy since I wanted not only to promote him but I also wanted to appreciate his work since he was selling the app off PlayStore.

I sent him the 300/= before sleeping and my email so he could send the link. Imagine my shock in the morning finding he had reversed the money followed by a text I would consider nonsensical for a believer of the message of the hour.
Eti oh you see I know you are brother from Kisii, oh do you intend to marry from ukambani, oh you may be hacker since I hear you make apps.

So I wondered and got annoyed at the same time. That to have a Kamba songbook I need to be interested in Kamba sister! And that I may be hacker!
Actually I was hurt to the core and at one time wished I could meet this brother with his Kamba apps like Taia Ngai and Mbivilia and even have a chat with him coz with a tribalistic approach to tech you are limiting yourself. Then also blocking another Dev from using your stuff is detrimental too.

By the way in the office we have people from different parts of country working in harmony and sometimes you bring someone on board to ask him or her to comment about what you have been working on. As in you the world today people work together better than a single people could locked in a cocoon somewhere.
Now right now if you find this brother tell him I had got a sponsor for the Kamba songbook just like I did with Kikuyu long before I interacted with him and was merely after appreciating his work. My app is not just free but it’s far much better than his in many thing and am not bragging. And if I get a Kamba sister I will let him know since that was among his folly excuses.

All of you can agree with me when I say am not tribalistic since on vSongBook you get a variety of books. In fact am in the process of adding more song books not just in the country but all over Africa starting from Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi.
vSongBook will be one app you would be rushing to install on your smartphone after WhatsApp and Facebook.
vSongBook is going to be a community app where people can contribute new songs and also edit current ones.
FREEDOM TO SING ANYWHERE is the motto for vSongBook!!!